Offshore Asset Protection

    The Offshore Planning Lawyers at Bohm Wildish & Matsen are highly skilled in forming, integrating, and leveraging offshore business entities with new and existing asset protection structures in all of the major offshore jurisdictions.

    The two major reasons people should consider going offshore to protect their assets are:

    1. Liquidity: You have sizable liquid assets or a large nest egg that can be placed offshore.
    2. International connections: You have international connections such as family members living offshore, that own property or have an offshore business. This helps to sustain the offshore structure, since you have family acquaintances living in a foreign country.

    The firm has 35 plus years of progressive experience and is certified to provide your business with Offshore International Business Companies (IBC) formation, Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, and specialized Offshore components of Asset Protection Plans.

    Unlike an offshore service provider with access to a single jurisdiction, you can rely on the objectivity and security of our licensed and skilled US attorneys, who provide our clients with the options and benefits of our analysis of alternative jurisdictions. Also, we will always offer our clients valuable insight into optimization of the US component of any prospective business or asset protection structure.

    The same modular structure that was referred to utilizing Domestic Asset Protection Trusts can be employed with the Offshore Asset Protection Trusts.  For example: The client sets up the Cook Islands Trust as Settlor and also as a beneficiary, an Offshore LLC is then organized, the principal member of which is the Foreign Asset Protection Trust.  The Offshore LLC can then have a bank account either in Europe or the Far East and the client or the client’s nominee can be the Manager of the LLC and have control over the funds.  A simple diagram of the offshore modular structure is set forth below

    The Offshore Planning specialists within our firm are part of an extensive network of trusted offshore business, banking and trust connections that enables them to quickly and easily facilitate creating and implementing solid offshore business and asset protection planning. The team is extremely skilled in creating and structuring Offshore Asset Protection Plans for business owners, physicians, attorneys, securities brokers, real estate owners, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals.  Our offshore asset protection lawyers can help you integrate domestic and offshore trusts to preserve wealth, minimize taxes, and protect valued investments.

    Our firm is dedicated to providing only the best and most comprehensive offshore planning services across the United States for every client we represent. Clients trust us because we make it our business to protect their business.

    For a better idea of the benefits of speaking with a California Offshore Planning lawyer and what we offer our clients, please read this excerpt from an article written by Jeff Matsen:

    “The proliferation of plaintiff lawsuits and the expanding concept of liability that has become second nature in our court system have engendered much concern and anxiety about the preservation of wealth in the United States. Many professionals like doctors and lawyers as well as business owners, corporate executives, real estate developers and investors, contractors and others operate in an environment of high risk. Many such people lack confidence that they will be treated fairly by the US legal system and are desirous of reducing their financial profile and eliminating their liability potential. For these individuals, the offshore planning alternative may very well be the best planning device available for maximum comfort and peace of mind.”

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