Our Achievements

Our Achievements

✔ Obtained a $2 million award for a Fortune 500 client following an extensive jury trial in Los Angeles Superior Court where claims of over $12 million were brought against that client relating to the divestiture of one of its subsidiaries.

✔ Successfully defended a real estate agent alleged to have breached her fiduciary duties to her client by purchasing her client’s prospective property and obtaining a secret profit therefrom. No resulting liability attached to the agent.

✔ Obtained $5.5 million judgment for our client. Metcalf v. Campbell, OCSC Case No. 30-2010-000339211.

✔ Obtained a six-figure settlement for our client, a secretary, against her school district employer relating to claims of wrongful termination retaliation.

✔ Obtained a jury verdict in excess of $300,000 for a property owner client whose property sustained water damage from an adjoining landowner.

✔ Obtained a $2 million judgment, including punitive damages, in favor of a real estate developer who sued his former partner for fraud, breach of contract arising from the sale of the developer’s interest in a large self-storage facility in the Inland Empire.

✔ Obtained a $46 million judgment for a client relating to a note guarantee.  Scripps at Mesquite Trails LLC v. Glieberman, SDSC Case No. 37-2009-00094295.

✔ 28 plaintiffs in a legal malpractice case demanded $2.2 million in damages from our client; we settled the case for $60,000.

✔ Obtained a jury verdict completely in favor of our client, a CEO, in a $12 million fraud, conversion and securities violations case, after a six-week trial. Plaintiffs were represented by a nationally regarded, highly experienced trial lawyer, who was lead counsel in the Enron prosecutions and who had previously “never lost a trial.”