Tim Conway’s Daughter Wants A Conservatorship Over Father

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California fans of the 1970s “Carol Burnett Show” could not help but remember Tim Conway. Since then, he has made appearances in television shows over the years, but now suffers from dementia. His daughter says that his wife wants to move him into what she believes is an inferior facility, so she wants a conservatorship over her father in order to ensure that he continues to receive the best care possible.

According to Conway’s daughter, moving him to the facility favored by his wife would deny him access to health care professionals he needs, such as a speech therapist to help him with swallowing and a caregiver that is with him 24 hours a day. The court documents she recently filed indicate that Conway is largely unresponsive and unable to make decisions for himself. She wants to step in as his conservator and take care of her father in the manner in which she believes is best for him.

Many California residents can likely understand the predicament in which Conway’s daughter finds herself. When it appears that the person who is supposed to be caring for a loved one begins making questionable decisions for an ailing individual, another family member may need to step in to try to correct the situation. In many cases, that cannot happen without the backing of the court.

Establishing a formal conservatorship may be one of the only ways to protect a vulnerable person. However, it may be necessary to overcome the assertions of another party in order to remove that person from a position of power over the incapacitated individual. To increase the likelihood of success, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney with the requisite experience and compassion.

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